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Reaching Kids in the Cities

Thousands and millions of children live in large cities and this is often the forgotten group. There are many who may be homeless, lonely, from divorced homes, or abused. They all need the good news of the Gospel that Jesus loves them and that He offers them salvation. Hence, we need to reach out to children in the cities.

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Adventist Children’s Ministries say  “Stop Child Abuse.”


The Seven Campaign is a global campaign to raise awareness and to advocate an end to all forms of child abuse. The Seven Campaign seeks to mobilize people around the world to join a global grassroots movement to help children in their own communities. The Department of Children’s Ministries is pleased to partner with other Adventist ministries in this essential campaign.

For more information and resources, visit the website at:

NEW Bible Adventures for Young Readers  

This Bible study set uses a creative, kid-friendly approach to the 28 fundamental beliefs, which will introduce children to the pillars of our faith. With its easy-to-understand format and interactive approach, children will quickly grasp the concepts and have fun learning.

Download the PDFs

NEW Stewardship Jack
byJanice Matthews
Stewardship Jack is a series of books by Janice Matthews on teaching children about stewardship. Using Jack, a black pup, the author weaves stewardship values into these interesting books. Order your hard cover copies from the GC Children’s Ministries. Contact Tanya Muganda at mugandat@gc.adventist.org.  
Jack Gives Back Jack Gives Back
Jack's Ten Rules Jack Gives and the 10 Rules
Jack's Hat Jack's Hat
The Healthy Inside & Out Audio Series  

The Healthy Inside & Out Audio Series is packed with different information on how to create a better living for kids and families. They are being presented in MP3 format.


  1. Sunlight
  2. Water
  3. Exercise
  4. Food
  5. Clean Air
  6. Rest
  7. Healthy Meals
  8. Forgiveness
  9. Habits
  10. Attitude
  11. Depression
  12. Trust
  13. Ingredients
  14. Breakfast
  15. Breathing
  16. Sleeping
  17. Apple a Day
  18. Anger
  19. Sabbath Rest
  20. Simple Foods
  21. Antioxidants
  22. Brush
  23. Snacks
  24. Sleep
  25. Exercise
  26. Healthy Brain

2012 Bible Reading Guide for Ages 9-14  

The new 2012 Bible Reading Guide for children ages 9-14 is now available in PDF format.

Download the guide


Reach Up, Reach Out, Reach Across (2010-2015)  

Tell the World has been the broad vision for the Seventh-day Adventist Church this past quinquennium 2005-2010. The ultimate goal of Tell the World is to provide every person on earth with the chance to know Jesus Christ.


Week of Prayer 2011  
The Week of Prayer for 2011 is now available in both PDF format and MS Word Format.  

GraceLink Videos  
Tell a Child, Tell the World  

The theme for the GC Children’s Ministries these next five years is Every Child A Disciple of Jesus!  The new theme logo incorporates the initiatives of the world church:  Tell a Child, Tell the World; Reach Up, Reach Out, Reach Across.   Everything we do and every resource we produce are aimed at fostering the faith of children so that they become an active disciple of Jesus.  You are welcome to download this new theme logo.

"Tell a Child, Tell the World" song by Kimberly Houliston written for the Fiji expo.

Download/Play the MP3 | Download the Lyric


777 - Worldwide Holy Spirit Prayer Fellowship


Seventh-day Adventist children are joining other adults in praying seven days a week at 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit's power and presence in their lives.  Come and join with thousands of children in another time zone around the world in unity and fellowship. Download a printable postcard or a poster.
Find out more about Revival and Reformation at www.revivalandreformation.org


The "Children First" and
"We Need to Go" Songs

The "Children First" & "We Need To Go" songs lyric and MP3 files are available for download.

1. "Children First" MP3 / "We Need To Go" MP3

2. "Children First" and "We Need To Go"Lyric