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Tell a Child, Tell the World


International Leadership Conference
Budapest, Hungary

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Special Days to Celebrate

May 28, 2016 -- World Day of Prayer for Children at Risk

July 23, 2016 -- Children’s Sabbath


Reaching the World Strategic Plan 2015-2020

God’s strategic plan to “reach the world” was unveiled after the fall of our first parents, Adam and Eve. Lovingly,
Christ Himself explained to them the plan of salvation and some of its key performance indicators (KPIs), including His coming to earth as a man, dying as a sacrifice for humanity, and rising again. This divine strategic plan was formulated before the creation of the world, and after the fall it was explained and implemented.

Download the reach the World Strategic Plan PDF file

Reaching Kids in the Cities

Thousands and millions of children live in large cities and this is often the forgotten group. There are many who may be homeless, lonely, from divorced homes, or abused. They all need the good news of the Gospel that Jesus loves them and that He offers them salvation. Hence, we need to reach out to children in the cities.

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Healthy Inside Out Fun Skits for Kids

This book is filled with fun skits that will have your children up, active, and learning about living healthy lives.

A Musical Journey Pro-Active Kids Adventure at the Celebrations Castle songbook

This song book includes words and music along with the drama skits that children can use to be more interactive about living healthy for God.

A Musical Journey Pro Active Kids Adventure at the Celebrations Castle

A Musical Journey is an adventure for kids at the Celebrations castle! As they learn and perform this musical drama, kids will learn about making healthy choices. Included are two CDs: one contains a performance of the musical drama and the other contains just the music so your kids can perform the drama themselves.

A Musical Journey Animated DVD

A musical journey is a stunning animated treat full of exciting adventures as children follow the Pro-Active Kids to the Celebrations Castle. They will learn fun songs about healthy habits and how to live a healthy lifestyle as they follow Jesus.

The Creation Case

This case includes 4 dvds in English and Spanish with 13 episodes and a 32 page activity book. Rich, the investigator is assigned to look for clues in nature and make a report. The search takes him to mountains, canyons, glaciers, volcanoes, caves, oceans, deserts, and some of the most beautiful places in nature.

My Quiet Time with Jesus Prayer Calendar and Journal

Discover 365 exciting activities and ideas to pray – one for each day of the year. As you work through this prayer journal, write down your thoughts and feelings as you pray, and record God’s answers to your prayers of faith.

Reach Up, Reach Out, Reach Across (2010-2015)

Tell the World has been the broad vision for the Seventh-day Adventist Church this past quinquennium 2005-2010. The ultimate goal of Tell the World is to provide every person on earth with the chance to know Jesus Christ.

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Tell a Child, Tell the World

The theme for the GC Children’s Ministries these next five years is Every Child A Disciple of Jesus!  The new theme logo incorporates the initiatives of the world church:  Tell a Child, Tell the World; Reach Up, Reach Out, Reach Across.   Everything we do and every resource we produce are aimed at fostering the faith of children so that they become an active disciple of Jesus.  You are welcome to download this new theme logo.

"Tell a Child, Tell the World" song by Kimberly Houliston written for the Fiji expo.

Download/Play the MP3 | Download the Lyric


777 - Worldwide Holy Spirit Prayer Fellowship

Seventh-day Adventist children are joining other adults in praying seven days a week at 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit's power and presence in their lives.  Come and join with thousands of children in another time zone around the world in unity and fellowship. Download a printable postcard or a poster.
Find out more about Revival and Reformation at www.revivalandreformation.org

The "Children First" and
"We Need to Go" Songs

The "Children First" & "We Need To Go" songs lyric and MP3 files are available for download.

1. "Children First" MP3 / "We Need To Go" MP3

2. "Children First" and "We Need To Go"Lyric