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Sabbath School Department

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The new Sabbath School curriculum for children is a result of careful market research conducted among children's leaders across the United States and Canada (1995). These leaders told us they wanted an 'Adventist' curriculum, Bible-based and doctrinally specific. It must be more colorful and attractive to kids, and easier for busy adults to use. They wanted something to actively engage children in the learning process--something that ultimately leads them to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. An alarming number of respondents expressed dissatisfaction with current church-produced materials and said that they were using other curricula.

When Church administrators learned that the religious education of a growing number of Adventist children was being entrusted to non-Adventist publishers' materials, they voted to find the necessary resources to develop something new. Although North American leadership was convinced of the need to move forward, a decision was made to wait for world-wide consensus on the need for change. In 1996, the GC World Curriculum Committee accepted a proposal for a new curriculum.

The scope of the project is bold, spanning twelve years (ages birth thru 8th grade), 48 quarters, 654 lessons! Noelene Johnsson, Director for North America Children's Ministries, conducted the initial research, built consensus for change and contracted the development of the core curriculum dynamics and direction. The General Conference Sabbath School department, under the direction of Dr. Patricia Habada, identified and supervised specialists representing every world division to write the new lessons and program activities. Both the Review & Herald and Pacific Press Publishing Association fully committed their resources to produce brand new, four-color artwork for each age level.

A new generation of Adventists will now have the opportunity to focus on the four aspects of a growing Christian experience--Grace, Worship, Community and Service. Everything they see will be fresh and exciting. They will be constantly challenged to apply Bible teachings to everyday life. Teachers and parents can feel confident that children will celebrate the beautiful, distinctive Adventist teachings in a positive, inclusive learning environment that encourages their active role as members of their church and their world. We can be very proud of our church--and every person who entrusted their work to God in the creation of this curriculum, for it is only by His grace that a project of this magnitude could ever be accomplished. And success will be measured in heaven!

Read more about Gracelink and visit the web site at www.gracelink.net



Get the word out about Ellen White Visionary for Kids (Ve.Z), an electronic magazine focused on youth aged 9-14. Encourage your pastors to place the link in their church bulletins.In this quarter’s issue the focus is on kids’ relationships with God, friends and family. A new special feature in this issue is the first chapter from one of Ellen White’s books, titled The Story of Jesus. It is rewritten into kid-friendly language, plus a really great Adventist artist illustrates each new installment of the story. So--in each up-coming issue of Ve.Z look for a new chapter from Jesus—His Story.

You can click on the following link to download in PDF your latest Ve.Z:

http://www.whiteestate.org/vez/jan08/VeZ_Relationships.pdf (Past issues are archived and available online.)

Or to view and print from the web version, visit http://www.whiteestate.org/vez/vez.html


Kids Ministry Ideas

www.kidsministryideas.com  -- If you want interesting ideas for running your children’s ministry, check out this website.  You can also subscribe to their Kids Ministry Ideas magazine from Review and Herald.


Mission Week

An excellent CD containing a week-long emphasis program on mission work of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. It includes mission focused devotionals, video mission stories, activities, games and many more. It aims to cultivate an awareness of the worldwide mission work of the Church at the elementary school level. Also available on the Adventist Mission website.


MSSS Crafts

mssscrafts.com -- An excellent website for children’s leaders and children who need Bible lessons, activities, crafts, devotions, etc. for use in your programs.  A plus factor is that the website is also in French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish.


Let's Explore Bible Course

  • Newest online Course - Feb, 2007.
  • Designed for 9 to 14 yr old Teens.
  • Enjoy flash-based animated inserts.
  • High-tech sounds & graphics.
  • Brilliant colours are cool with kids.
  • L.E. follows the theme of Friendship with God.
  • Each lesson leads step by step through the great Bible basics.
  • By selecting the Correspondence or Internet course, you will discover some very exciting things about God, your future, family and mostly about yourself!
    Note the 15 topics listed below.

Visit: http://www.dicoverycourses.com


NAD Children's Ministries

Visit: www.childmin.com