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Resources for Children  

Celebration Healthy Inside Out!

This book is about the joy of being healthy inside and out! The secrets for being healthy are CELEBRATIONS!

  • C for choice
  • E for exercise
  • L for Liquids
  • E for Environment
  • B for Belief
  • R for Rest
  • A for Air
  • T for Temperance
  • I for Integrity
  • O for Optimism
  • N for Nutrition
  • S for Service

A Musical Journey Pro-Active Kids Adventure at the Celebrations Castle songbook

This song book includes words and music along with the drama skits that children can use to be more interactive about living healthy for God.


A Musical Journey Pro Active Kids Adventure at the Celebrations Castle

A Musical Journey is an adventure for kids at the Celebrations castle! As they learn and perform this musical drama, kids will learn about making healthy choices. Included are two CDs: one contains a performance of the musical drama and the other contains just the music so your kids can perform the drama themselves.


A Musical Journey Animated DVD

A musical journey is a stunning animated treat full of exciting adventures as children follow the Pro-Active Kids to the Celebrations Castle. They will learn fun songs about healthy habits and how to live a healthy lifestyle as they follow Jesus.


The Creation Case

This case includes 4 dvds in English and Spanish with 13 episodes and a 32 page activity book. Rich, the investigator is assigned to look for clues in nature and make a report. The search takes him to mountains, canyons, glaciers, volcanoes, caves, oceans, deserts, and some of the most beautiful places in nature.


My Quiet Time with Jesus Prayer Calendar and Journal

Discover 365 exciting activities and ideas to pray – one for each day of the year. As you work through this prayer journal, write down your thoughts and feelings as you pray, and record God’s answers to your prayers of faith.

Bible Adventures for Young Readers  

This Bible study set uses a creative, kid-friendly approach to the 28 fundamental beliefs, which will introduce children to the pillars of our faith. With its easy-to-understand format and interactive approach, children will quickly grasp the concepts and have fun learning. You must have Adobe.com PDF Reader to vie the files.

  1. Cover
  2. Bible Adventure Study 1
  3. Bible Adventure Study 2
  4. Bible Adventure Study 3
  5. Bible Adventure Study 4
  6. Bible Adventure Study 5
  7. Bible Adventure Study 6
  8. Bible Adventure Study 7
  9. Bible Adventure Study 8
  10. Bible Adventure Study 9
  11. Bible Adventure Study 10
  12. Bible Adventure Study 11
  13. Bible Adventure Study 12
  14. Bible Adventure Study 13
  15. Bible Adventure Study 14
  16. Bible Adventure Study 15
  17. Bible Adventure Study 16
  18. Bible Adventure Study 17
  19. Bible Adventure Study 18
  20. Bible Adventure Study 19
  21. Bible Adventure Study 20
  22. Bible Adventure Study 21
  23. Bible Adventure Study 22
  24. Bible Adventure Study 23
  25. Bible Adventure Study 24
  26. Bible Adventure Study 25
  27. Bible Adventure Study 26
  28. Bible Adventure Study 27
  29. Bible Adventure Study 28
Stewardship Jack
byJanice Matthews
Stewardship Jack is a series of books by Janice Matthews on teaching children about stewardship. Using Jack, a black pup, the author weaves stewardship values into these interesting books. Order your hard cover copies from the GC Children’s Ministries. Contact Tanya Muganda at mugandat@gc.adventist.org.  
Jack Gives Back Jack Gives Back
Jack's Ten Rules Jack Gives and the 10 Rules
Jack's Hat Jack's Hat
God Loves Me 28 Ways
by Charles Mills and Linda Koh

It's a read-it-yourself book for primary and early junior-age kids to learn about the beliefs of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. What do you believe? Each of the 28 answers to this question will provide a beautiful glimpse into the never-ending, incredibly powerful, and always present love of God.

Available at ABC; $9.99

Learn About God's Love
By Adriana Femopase

This is an activity book that can be used in conjuction with either God Loves Me 28 Ways or What We Believe. There are activities to illustrate each of the 28 beliefs, such as word searches, fill-in-the-blanks, crossword puzzles, etc.

Available at ABC; $4.99

Sing About God's Love  

Children love to sing! Learning songs is one of the tried and      true methods of teaching children. Even those too young to read can memorize simple words and melodies. Sing About God's Love CD contains each of the 29 songs found in the Sing About God's Love Songbook

Kids will love this upbeat, lively and fun, professionally produced and recorded CD that will help them gain a better understanding of the 28 fundamental beliefs of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Available from your local Adventist Book Center  --  US$9.95

Sing About God's Love Song Book
By Kimberly Houliston, Feryl Harris &  others

Children love to sing!  Learning songs is one effective ways of teaching children.  Sing About God's Love contains songs to help young children understand the 28 fundamental beliefs of our Seventh-day Adventist Church.

A few of the 28 song titles include: "God's Book, the Bible", " Save Me", "Creation", "Jesus Is Alive", "More Like Jesus", "Remember Me", "His Time is Our Time", and "We're Going Home".

This exciting collection of songs are all original and are written to show children how to rejoice in Jesus. Singing about God's love can be a great way to witness for Him and share His love with others.

Available at ABC -- $14.99

Michael Asks Why
By Sally Dillon

The Great Controversy adapted for children with a Kids Activity book designed to be used with each chapter of the book Michael Asks Why.

Available at ABC & GC Children’s Ministries

Healthy Inside & Out Audio Series 1 MP3 Audio  

The Healthy Inside & Out Audio Series 1 is packed with different information on how to create a better living for kids and families. They are being presented in MP3 format.

  1. Sunlight
  2. Water
  3. Exercise
  4. Food
  5. Clean Air
  6. Rest
  7. Healthy Meals
  8. Forgiveness
  9. Habits
  10. Attitude
  11. Depression
  12. Trust
  13. Ingredients
  14. Breakfast
  15. Breathing
  16. Sleeping
  17. Apple a Day
  18. Anger
  19. Sabbath Rest
  20. Simple Foods
  21. Antioxidants
  22. Brush
  23. Snacks
  24. Sleep
  25. Exercise
  26. Healthy Brain
Jesus in My Heart Series MP3 Audio  

Jesus in My Heart Series in MP3 Audio format.

  1. Special Words
  2. Listen
  3. Carlos Stew
  4. Thankful Tears
  5. Someone Waiting
  6. Without Ceasing
  7. Pray Instead
  8. Why Pray
  9. Praying for Enemies
  10. Nothing Changes
  11. Answered Prayer
  12. My Part
  13. Friend In Charge
  14. Bread of Life
  15. Love and Forgive
  16. Jesus Wept
  17. Monkeys and Dinosaurs
  18. Six Calamities
  19. Truthful Tongue
  20. From the Dust
  21. Freedom
  22. God is Great
  23. Medicine Mangoes
  24. More Time Praising
  25. The Other Voice
  26. Beautiful

Day by Day with Jesus Bible Reading Guide  

The new 2012 Bible Reading Guide for children ages 9-14 is now available in PDF format.

Download the guide


777Prayer Kids


Seventh-day Adventist children are joining other adults in praying seven days a week at 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit's power and presence in their lives.  Come and join with thousands of children in another time zone around the world in unity and fellowship. Download a printable postcard or a poster.
Find out more about Revival and Reformation at www.revivalandreformation.org

Theme Logo:   The theme for the GC Children’s Ministries these next five years is Every Child A Disciple of Jesus!  The new theme logo incorporates the initiatives of the world church:  Tell a Child, Tell the World; Reach Up, Reach Out, Reach Across.   Everything we do and every resource we produce are aimed at fostering the faith of children so that they become an active disciple of Jesus.  You are welcome to download this new theme logo.

God's Treasure Chest
By Charles Mills

These are two-minute radio spots of children asking questions and a person answering.

Sample questions:

  • Why does God let parents divorce?
  • If you want to go to heaven, and you don’t think you’re going to make it, what will happen?
  • Why does it seem that sometimes when you pray, God doesn’t hear you?
  • Should we love our step parents the same as our own parents?
  • Do you think Jesus will come in our lifetime?
  • What should you do if a friend is doing drugs?

Available from GC Children’s Ministries and you can download the entire series online

My Place in Space  

Uses active learning to teach the importance of being good stewards. It includes 12 programs covering a broad concept of being a steward in the Biblical sense–-at home, in the community & country, and especially in God’s cosmic plan, each of us has a role to play. Click here to read the lessons.


Bible Explorers
Read it here (PDF)


Bible Lessons
These lessons give a basic introduction to God & Jesus as our friends; an introduction to reading the Bible; draw students to read God’s Word more; and invitations to accept God’s gift of friendship, forgiveness and eternal life.

Set #1: God Sent His Son to be My Friend Click here to read the introduction (.pdf)
Set #2: God’s Young Friends in the Old Testament
Set #3  God Wants To Be My Very Best Friend
Click here to read and print all of the Bible Lessons

God's Messenger: Meeting Kids Needs  

It's a CD created especially for teachers who want to enrich their Adventist elementary students in their spiritual walk with Jesus. It contains heartwarming stories of Adventist pioneers along with Scripture and Ellen White's writings.

Also available on the Ellen G. White Estate website.

Available from ABC